This small hive beetle trap (SHB) will allow you to capture this pest in your bee colonies, and confirm its presence. It is important to note that in Quebec it is mandatory to notify the veterinarian responsible for bee health at MAPAQ if you identify SHB in your colonies. This trap, although it is effective and simple to use, it should be seen more as a sentinel to detect SHB than a complete method to control them.


Characteristics of this trap :

  • in plastic
  • 23cm long x 3.5cm deep
  • the small holes allow SHB to go through but not the bees


How to use this trap?

  • Place 2 per colonies
  • Install them in the highest super of the hive (brood or honey)
  • Install one between frames 1 and 2, and the other between frames 9 and 10
  • Fill each trap with about 25 ml of vegetable oil
  • Check the traps after 7-10 days


*** CAUTION, very strong colonies may remove the trap from the hive.


About the small beehive beetle - Aethina tumida

It is an insect native to South Africa. It was introduced in North America in 1996. The adult is dark brown to black. It is 5.5 to 5.7mm long. SHB does not directly attack the bee. The female lays hundreds of eggs in the hive. The larvae will cause the main damages. They will devour the honey, the pollen, the brood. Honey ferments (and gives off a rotten orange smell) from the larval droppings that contaminate the honeycombs.

Identification sheet of the small hive beetle


What I do if I capture what I believe to be a SHB in a trap?


For more information on the small hive beetle, we recommend that you visit the MAPAQ website :

Petit coléoptère de la ruche - MAPAQ


Made in China

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Small hive beetle trap

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